William Mellard & Sons Limited is committed to serving the needs of our customers better than anyone else by providing products and services which meet requirements, are delivered on time, and are priced to provide superior value.

This is achieved through excellence in everything we do. Each task must be performed in exact conformance to requirements, and systems are established which ensure error-free performance in every activity of the business.

Products are designed to meet identified market requirements, and products must be manufactured in total conformance to design specifications and quality standards.

However, this Quality Policy is not limited to the product itself; technical and administrative practices must also conform exactly with approved procedures.

To complement our quality & corporate vision the Company is BSI ISO 9001:2008 registered. (Certificate No.  RS12656 )

To complement our quality & corporate vision the Company is BSI ISO 9001:2008 registered.
(Certificate No. RS12656)


The management team of each Department must be visibly committed to and personally involved in the quality improvement process. They will assure that requirements are stated clearly and completely, and that they describe exactly what is needed. They will also provide the necessary training and equipment, establish measures, and define priorities for quality improvement.

Quality excellence also depends on the personal performance of each employee. Each of us must recognise the specific product or service which we supply to the next person in the process – our internal customer – and strive for exact conformance to that customer's quality requirements every time.

We will not knowingly settle for less than exact conformance in everything we do; we will insist that action be taken to correct any system deficiencies which keep us from meeting these requirements; and we will eagerly make use of new tools provided for quality improvement.