CO2 Laser
Bystronic BySpeed 3015 Pro

With the increasing demand for laser cut parts we introduced a Bystronic Byspeed 3015 6kw CO2 laser into our line up to cope help meet shorter lead times.

We can draw the most complex shapes with our CAD facilities and interpret various file types and produce a complete work piece removing the need for machining and finishing.

We offer our service to a wide range of industries throughout the UK. With lasers being an extremely precise profiling technique we can offer hole and edge tolerance of +/-0.2mm through with pulse macro technology, the laser removes the plate thickness = Ø rule of thumb. Removing the 2nd process of hole drilling.


  • 3000 x 1500 Bed Size
  • 20mm> Mild
  • 10mm> Stainless
  • +/-0.2mm tolerance
  • Free Issue orders welcome
  • Clean work piece throughout
  • Nitrogen cutting for powder coating
  • £40 minimum order



HD Plasma

At Mellards we offer a fast, reliable service with impressive leads times. Our in house CAD department offer expertise and knowledge to guarantee the best quality work piece consistent with batch size.

  • Truehole Technology creating better hole tolerance 20mm and down

  • 8000 x 3000 Bed Size

  • Profiling 30mm and down

  • In house CAD technicians

  • Free issue orders welcome
  • Ø matching plate thickness (see drawing)
  • £20 minimum order