Guillotine and Press Brake


Beyeler Full CNC Press Brake

Beyeler CNC Press brake able to fold up to 10mm plate consistently with full CNC operation catering for large batch processing and back to back orders, or folding solutions for free issue materials from private or public customers.

We also offer a guilltoning service our Cincinatti 25 Guillotine can shear flat plate and floor plate up to 8mm thick and 3600 in length.

  • Tonnage 180

  • Bend Length 6mm 4100mm long

  • Bend Length 6mm - 10mm 2m long

  • Free issue orders welcome

  • Folding Chequer plate
  • Swan neck top tooling
  • 25/50/100 V Die
  • 16mm minimum fold 3mm< 3m long
  • Shearing 8mm>
  • Shearing 3600mm long