William Mellard & Sons Ltd is a privately owned company that has been based in North Staffordshire for the last 200 years. The current directors are the eighth generation of the Mellard family to be associated with the company.

CIRCA 1900 Outside Mellard high street shop Newcastle

Outside the shop circa 1900 

War Efforts

To the left is an image from before the war encouraging locals to grow their own food during the war efforts including grants from the local council on allotments and sales on garden equipment from Mellards.


The company originally traded as blacksmiths, tinsmiths and ironmongers in Newcastle-under-Lyme, but over the years the business has evolved into that of a Steel Stock Holder and processor.

In the mid 1980s we moved to our current 22,000 sq ft purpose built premises in Campbell Road, Stoke-on-Trent. We are ideally situated for rapid stock distribution less than one mile from junction 15 of the M6. 


And then in March 2015, we moved our profiling department down to Campbell Road with the addition of the Laser service now all under one roof to reduce lead times and allow a larger pool of stock to be picked for processing more effectively increasing the size to 90,000 sq ft.


At William Mellard & Sons we offer a comprehensive list of sawing options for both mitred and square cut. Applications vary from heavy earth moving and construction to precision engineering. Our speciality is sawing, profiling, folding and shearing of small or large batch sizes to tight tolerances and lead times.

The site is equipped with the latest specification automatic CNC bandsaws and coldsaws to guarantee delivery.

In addition we also offer Laser profiling service accurate to .1mm, offering competitive pricing and fast delivery. In addition we offer Plasma cutting service for the 30mm and below now with True Hole® technology, this service offers the best cut at the thick end of the spectrum while keeping tight tolerances.


At William Mellard & Sons we provide a comprehensive catalogue of products, and whatever you’re using it for our sales team with their industry knowledge, will ensure you get the right material for the job with competitive prices.


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